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For over 25 years, Michael has owned and operated his own Family Law practice in the Los Angeles and Southern California area. During these stressful times, Michael believes in three core values to help his clients:

​1. Charge an affordable flat rate, not hourly like most lawyers,

2. to utilize all resources available to help clients achieve the maximum desired outcome,

​3. and be available to his clients 24/7, 365 days/year.

​Our Clients can contact us anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If you have a problem, we do not want you to wait for an answer. Besides weekdays, we also have evening and weekend appointments available so you do not have to miss work. All your appointments are directly with me so I always know what is happening in your case. 

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Child Custody

Child custody refers to the care, control, and financial support of minor children. Michael is prepared to aggressively represent you in all matter related to child custody. Wether you are seeking joint or sole custody, you are entitle to have your voice heard.

Child Custody Services

- Child Support
- Child Visitation
- Guardianship
- Mediation
- Move Away
- Paternity


California is a no-fault divorce state which means you will not be punished for wrongdoing. Each case will be assessed to determine what is the best path to take. Michael will ensure during each phase of the process you are fully represented in all negotiations.

Divorce Services

- Alimony
- Annulment
- Contested Divorce
- Legal Seperation
- Military
- High Net Worth
- Uncontested Divorce
- Spousal Support

Domestic Violence

If you have been the victim of or accused of domestic violence, it is important to be represeneted by someone who can act quickly on your behalf to ensure the thruth is heard in court. Michael understands the serious nature of domestic violence and how best to help you.

Additional Services

- Prenuptial Agreement
- Postnuptial Agreement
- Domestic Violence
- Restraining Order
o Temporary
o Permanent
- Stay-Away Orders
o Children
o Violation

About Michael

Before pursuing family law, Michael was a successful scientist and businessman having run multiple million dollar business throughout his lifetime. Michael decided to enter law and graduated from the Southwestern Law School, 2-year accelerated program. He was admitted to the California State Bar (#179705) on December 7, 1995, and has been practicing family law since the beginning

​Michael utilizes his vast knowledge and experience to deal with family law matters in practical ways, such as analyzing issues and negotiating from a position of strength. Michael holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Irvine. 

​Michael has been practicing in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Ventura County, courts for over 25 years. No matter how big or small, Michael takes ALL of your appointments directly with him and not another lawyer or paralegal. 

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